Mrs. Robinson, You Are Trying to Seduce Me.

Just a quick quote from “The Graduate” to grab your attention.  Many of you may be planning a graduation party this Spring.  If so, we have some advice.  Every year, we cater dozens of graduation parties.  Here’s what we have learned. First and foremost, it’s hard.  Will it rain?  Will there be other parties going […]

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The Art of Giving

We have been thinking about “comping” at Satchel’s.  “Comping” refers to giving something away for free.  For example, your waiter might comp you a dessert if you had to wait a long time for your meal.  We like to comp.  We comp chicken wings, cornbread, black-eyed peas, bread pudding, lemonade, a slice of kielbasa, a […]

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Satchel’s BBQ’s pitmaster gives a brief tutorial on how to trim a brisket before putting it on the smoker


Satchel’s BBQ’s Pittmaster Extraordinaire, DJ, sees himself as something of a (mad?) scientist, experimenting with different smoking methods in an attempt to create the world’s best BBQ.  He tries different rubs and mops and marinades and hardwoods and temperatures. Anything that’s legal in the continental 48, DJ will give it a try. We can’t tell if he […]

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The Dollars and Sense of Styrofoam

When we first opened, we used styrofoam plates and containers.  To be honest, we didn’t really give it much thought.  It was the path of least resistance.  And the cheapest.  It didn’t take long to realize that (1) our customers didn’t like it, (2) styrofoam is a big pain to deal with, and (3) a […]

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R.I.P. Dan

We received sad news today.  One of our regular customers, Dan Paulus, died suddenly and unexpectedly while visiting friends in North Carolina last week.  He had recently celebrated his 50th birthday. Dan grew up in Port Huron, the youngest of ten children.  In 1985 he suffered a head injury in a car accident that left him […]

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Freedom From The Freezer

Fresh Okra

We are proud to announce that we recently sold our freezer!  This may seem a rather odd thing to celebrate, yet we have broken out the party hats and piñatas. Freedom from the freezer means many things.  First, more work space.  In place of the large, clunky freezer, we have an elegant work table for […]

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A Remembrance of Ribs Past

Babyback Ribs

When we were getting ready for our grand opening at Satchel’s back in 2011, my manager at the time developed a rib recipe which we still use today: slow cooked over hickory with our own Satchel’s rub.  No sauce.  This “dry-rub” style of ribs was perfected in Memphis, where it is still practiced at places […]

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Fanfare for the Common Meal

When I first started cooking, I was fond of the Moosewood cookbooks.  They were filled with fun vegetarian recipes that seemed exotic and cosmopolitan to my southern sensibilities.  It was where I was first introduced to the “magic” of cooking, to the idea that if done right, the whole could be so much more than […]

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Keeping Your Food Warm for the Holidays

Chafing Dish

Tis the season of Holiday parties.  And where there is a party, there is often a chafing dish.  For those who are unfamiliar with chafing dishes, they are used to keep food warm (typically in a buffet line).  At Satchel’s we use them all the time for catering events.  If used properly, they are a […]

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Some Of My Best Friends Are Vegetarians

When you sell food in Ann Arbor, even BBQ, one of the things you get asked is “What are your vegetarian options?”  In the past our response has always been: cole slaw, potato salad and cornbread.  All good stuff, but not exactly a hearty meal.  This has especially been problematic for those who want to […]

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