Freedom From The Freezer

Fresh Okra

We are proud to announce that we recently sold our freezer!  This may seem a rather odd thing to celebrate, yet we have broken out the party hats and piñatas.

Freedom from the freezer means many things.  First, more work space.  In place of the large, clunky freezer, we have an elegant work table for chopping, butchering, etc.  Second, it’s one less thing that can break down (and require repair).  Third, and most importantly, it means we are using more fresh….everything!  Fresh corn and fresh okra from our friends at Frog Holler, higher quality shrimp from our neighbors at Whole Foods.  Who knows?  We might even open up a salad bar (just kidding).   As a result of all this freshness, Big Bad John has now started cooking up fried corn with bacon.  It’s yummy in the tummy!  Come give it a try.

There is however a down-side….any hopes for ice cream in the future have been dashed.  Sorry about that!