A word about Satchel’s

I decided to start Satchel’s in 2010. The road to that decision had many twists and turns, but ultimately, it was born out of a love for bbq and a realization that life is no dress rehearsal. So make it count. Satchel’s is meant to provide good, high quality bbq food with excellent service at a value price.  Places like this are scattered throughout cities and towns in the South, but for some reason, not here. While we have a pizza place on every corner and a sub shop at every strip mall, there isn’t anywhere to go for good simple bbq.  I hope to change that.

Two themes that I emphasize are simplicity and focus. I want the menu to be simple, I want the recipes to be simple, I want our promotions to be simple. And I want our business to be focused.  We provide high quality bbq food. Period. Want a burger? Go to Blimpy’s. Interested in a salad? Whole Foods  has a great salad bar. We are here for bbq.

So there it is. A manifesto for the BBQ nation. Give us a try sometime. And bring a friend.

Hugh Morgan
Satchel’s BBQ